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Why try?

A classic with a twist!

In the past people amused themselves by comparing two almost identical pictures and tried to find five missing things in one of the pictures.


We live in the 21’st century!

Why settle for pictures when you can try to find five faults in a short film ?

Why spend time watching poorly produced and time- consuming videos on youtube ? When instead you can spend your time on watching badly produced and time- consuming movies where you can also find 5 faults?


Well the answer is simple!

Because you can!

Why not??

It’s fun and entertaining! Moreover, it is fun to discover the things that people around you do not detect .

Why not  shine in front of your friends ?

Once you find the five faults you get a diploma that tells about your amazing powers of perception. Post it on Facebook and your friends will be impressed!

To become a master of perception is no easy task! But someone must do it!

Is it you?

How good is your perception ??

Be warned! It’s not easy!