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The different levels….

Evil hard

This level is for Formula 1 drivers and Air Fighter pilots.

Extra hard

Do not be surprised if you ‘ll have to watch the videos a lot of times before you find those five missing things! Not everyone solves these videos!


Here you can´t sort out those m & m balls while watching. Here you must start to really focus your mind!


Here you need to look for what happens in the video and concentrate a little bit.

While watching you can…

  • Be reading a book
  • Be talking to your mother on the phone .. …
  • Sorts m & m balls after which color they have
  • Test how much chili you can eat

….And still find those five things!

Well, it is not too difficult a level anyway …


Even if you are asleep you still have had a good chance to find those five things in the videos on this level.