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Russian secret submarine simulator. Find five things that disappear. Fun game.

What´s your answer?

ubåt hitta felen mall

Click on the right answer!

A. The long island, right island, spetsinazis, vodka boostia and the uboat

B, The long island, left island, babushka titsowa, sputnik, and the uboat

C, The Long island, middle island, babushka titsova, vodka boostia and the uboat


Russian secret submarine simulator…

Sometimes Russians do crazy things . Their submarines have had some difficulties to navigate in other countries archipelagos. A few years ago a Russian submarine went right into an island in the Swedish archipelago. After this little incident the military leadership aimed to improve submarine crew training. They developed a brand new state of the art russian secret submarine simulator!

Can you find them 5 things disappear and come back in the video?

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