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Jet Engine. Find five faults. Fun game. What´s your answer?

What´s your answer?

Hitta felen jet engine

Click on the right answer!

A. The vent hole,hole 1, valve 3, turbine blade 1 and turbine blade 3

B, Hole 1,turbine blade 1, valve 2, turbine blade 3 and valve 1

C, Hole 2, hole 1, turbine blade 3, valve 1 and valve 3


Jet engine some facts:

Most of today’s jet engines are gas turbine engines . This type of motors can also be found in helicopters, small power plants for electricity generation and more.

A simple gas turbine engine consists of three components: a compressor, a combustion chamber and a turbine.
The air is drawn into the compressor and compressed, increasing the pressure. Then, the air enters the combustion chamber where it is mixed with fuel.  The engine itself normally produce the required gas by burning jet fuel, natural gas. The heat and pressure cause the gas to expand and rush out through the turbine, creating momentum for propulsion. The turbine rotates and in turn drives the compressor. The combustion gas can leave the engine at a high speed and sometimes passes through a combustion chamber in order to be able to extract more energy.

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