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Intrepid. A nice museum in Ny. Fun game. What´s your answer?

What´s your answer?

what disappeared intrepid

Click on the right answer!

A. The radar antenna, windscreen, blue angels, visitor 1 and the lines

B, The radar antenna, parabol, windscreen, pole and the lines

C, The antenna, visitor 1, visitor 2, pole and the lines



USS Intrepid is built during World War II. She was commissioned in 1943, Intrepid participated in several campaigns in the WWII. She was decommissioned shortly after the end of the war and was modernized and recommissioned in the early 1950s as an attack carrier, and then eventually became an antisubmarine carrier. In her second career, she served mainly in the Atlantic, but also participated in the Vietnam War. One of here notable achievements include being the recovery ship for a the Gemini space mission. Decommissioned in 1974, in 1982 she became the foundation of the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City.

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is dedicated to the exhibition and interpretation of history, science and service as related to it´s home aboard the aircraft carrier Intrepid, a National Historic Landmark.

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