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Dubai. The tallest building in the world. Find five faults. Fun game. What´s your answer?


What´s your answer?

Dubai what disappeared

Click on the right answer!

A. The antenna, windows 2, building, reflection 2 and the lights

B, The windows 1, windows 2, ligts, reflection 1 and the tree

C, The antenna, windows 1, reflection 1, balcony and the tree



An exciting city that has the tallest building in the world. There is nothing that is moderate about the town. Everything is big. Tall buildings. Highways with 8 lanes. A “normal town” doesn´t need half of the things that Dubai has. But if your able to build something great, why not? It is perhaps precisely this that makes the town so exciting!? The town feels a bit like a Disney World for grown ups. Or perhaps Las vegas on steroids?


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